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Discover your health

Enjoy the gentle favour on your skin. The medically qualified masseuse and naturopath, Luise Tscherrig, you set in motion again.
The services are covered by most health insurance companies on the supplementary insurance. Please inform yourself in advance about your personal insurance coverage with your health insurance


Hot Stone full body massage
Energy through relaxation. Warm Basal stones are placed specifically on the meridians and semi-precious stones on the chakras. During stone massage a strong energy, which provides deep rest and relaxation arises.
Duration: 60 minutes | Price: CHF 120.-

Hot Stone facial, hand and feet massage
A gentle, caring facial treatment with cleaning and peeling. Uncleannesses are removed and a mask provides care active ingredients. Essential oils are individually tailored to your skin type. In addition, the volcano and semi-precious stones are deliberately placed and subsequently massaging the hands and feets. Body, mind and soul are touched on the most pleasant way.
Duration: 90 minutes | Price: CHF 155.-

Foot reflexology massage (by Hanne Marquardt)
Holistic Therapy. Through selective pulses from the associated reflexes in the foot to help themselves can be triggered in the body, relieve stress, tension and blockages and bring the energy flow back into balance.
Duration: 45 minutes | Price: CHF 80.-

Classic full body massage
Who wants to save inconvenience and not even let tensions arise, prior builds. Regular full-body massages work wonders. You feel like newly bornly after this massage and full of positive forces.
Duration: 60 minutes | Price: CHF 100.-

Sports and conditions massage
Specific massages at the personal problem points guarantee new freedom of movement and on a massive scale elasticity.
Duration: 45 minutes | Price: CHF 80.-

Spinal column mobilization with therapy cushion
Duration: 30 minutes | Price: CHF 60.-

Dorsal and neck massage
If it tweaks, pinches and sometimes nothing works, then it is high time to loosen the tense musculature and resolve blockages.
Duration: 30 minutes | Price: CHF 50.-

Sports massage for the legs or arms
Who does not know this aching muscles? After an exhausting day of skiing, a long walk or intense playing golf. Gently massage until the movements are free again.
Duration: 20 minutes | Price: CHF 40.-

Well-being for the dorsal with moor mud pack
Due to the high thermal conductivity of a mud pack to release tension faster and stimulates blood circulation. Then a relaxing dorsal, neck and leg massage with neat oils and you feel fit again for the day.
Duration: 60 minutes | Price: CHF 110.-

Baunscheidtism therapy (New offer)
The Baunscheidtism therapy belongs to the diverting method and is a skin irritant therapy where through burins and subsequently rubbed with a special oil, an artificial inflammation is generated.


- Rheumatism, gout, osteoarthritis
- Circulatory disorders
- Asthma
- Cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar vertebra syndrome
- Ischalgie
- Pain Treatments
- headache
- Nerve pain

Cupping (New offer)
Cupping is a more than 5'000-year old traditional therapy. The effect is the same. By cupping the possibilities with which the body is equipped to ward off disease naturally, encouraged and supported. The aim of cupping is to strengthen the self-healing powers of the body and stimulate.


- Muscle pain
- Rheumatic ailments such as arthritis, gout, etc.
- Circulatory disorders
- Chronic weakness
- Increase lymphatic drainage
- And much more
Duration: 60 minutes | Price: CHF 100.-

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